• Surface to Air Weapon Simulator (SAWSIM)
  • Surface to Air Weapon Simulator (SAWSIM)
  • Surface to Air Weapon Simulator (SAWSIM)
  • Surface to Air Weapon Simulator (SAWSIM)

About the Project

Surface to Air Weapon Simulator (SAW-SIM) SIS “Surface to Air Weapon Simulator” (SAW-SIM) trains recruits & hones the skills of trained soldiers in handling and firing missiles. It also enables instructor to track the performance of trainees in real time. The training scenarios can be configured in accordance with the skill level of trainees. It measures movement, detects the shot, shows the location of both the hit and miss, and analyses of the shooter’s performance. It helps trainees to become skilled shooters efficiently and cost effectively within a short period of time.


  • Adaptable to any version of Surface to Air Missile
  • Adaptable to Laser aiming sights
  • Multi target threat profile at one time
  • Mock-up of launcher with controls
  • Multiple environment like desert, urban, plain and hilly areas
  • Vast inventory of aircraft , helicopters, UAVs and cruise missiles
  • Instructors Operating System (IOS) to monitor & change parameters
  • Scenarios Based Training
  • Easy maintainability
  • Time and cost saving as compared to conventional training
  • Situational Awareness
  • Record of training and trainees reflecting improvements


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