• Range Firing Training Simulator (RFTS)
  • Range Firing Training Simulator (RFTS)
  • Range Firing Training Simulator (RFTS)
  • Range Firing Training Simulator (RFTS)

About the Project

The purpose of this product is to have an electronic system for the shooters that functions as a target with real-time feedback. The target can fire laser to the shooter to simulate back fire and to evaluate back fire response. The system is comprised of five main modules:

  • Smart Target with laser transmitter
  • Control Unit equipped with RF
  • Smart Camera for Bullet Detection
  • Receiver Jacket and Helmet
  • Rugged Laptop with Software

Once the shot information has been sent, the app receives the data and stores it for retrieval and analysis. Similarly the response of the shooter against laser fired from the target has been saved in the computer application for further analysis.


  • 24 V Motors with mechanical linkage
  • Simulation of moving targets with various target movements (Up/Down and Rotation)
  • 360 degrees rotation for Friend and foe
  • Speed of targets are variable and could be controlled through laptop
  • Equipped on a Carriage to provide moving and maneuvering
  • Up Light for Night Training
  • Controlled by Laptop remotely
  • IP67 protected
  • Industrial-Std version where necessary
  • Rechargeable batteries


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