• Flight Simulator (FSIM)
  • Flight Simulator (FSIM)
  • Flight Simulator (FSIM)
  • Flight Simulator (FSIM)

About the Project

SIS Flight Simulator provides an economic advantage over training in an actual aircraft. Once fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs are taken into account, the operating costs of a simulator are substantially lower than the operating costs of an actual plane. Trainee pilots learn basic aviation concepts and theory like navigation, they get familiar with instruments and can be trained for situations that may be impractical (or even dangerous) to perform in the aircraft, while keeping the pilot and instructor in a relatively low-risk environment on the ground.


  • Aerodynamics simulation
  • Cockpit Instrumentations with real / simulated parts
  • Customized Graphic Engine
  • Wide FOV display system
  • Weather Effects (fog, rain, thunder storm, CAT 1, CAT II, CAT III)
  • Geo-specific visual database with high resolution satellite image
  • Emergencies: Startup, Before Takeoff, Taxi, After Takeoff, Down Wind Circuit
  • Comprehensive MIS to record behavior of Pilots
  • Take Off / Landing (Circuit Work)
  • Basic Exercises (climb, descend, turns, stall and rec etc)
  • Navigation
  • Instructor Flying
  • Communication & Weather Effect Trainer
  • Basic Instrument Training Device


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