• Driving Simulator (D-SIM)
  • Driving Simulator (D-SIM)
  • Driving Simulator (D-SIM)

About the Project

Driving simulators are being increasingly used for training drivers all over the world. Simulators are proven to be excellent practical and effective educational tools imparting safe driving training techniques. The simulator facilitates training in a ‘to scale’ vehicle with actual indicators and control, thereby creating a realistic driving environment. The simulator can be manufactured for both Left and Right hand drivers. The basic system is supplied with an instructor station and driver station.


  • Provides basic training as well as enhances driving skills on Light, Medium and Heavy vehicles
  • Has real dashboard assembly and controls, instrumentation and transmission
  • Offers realistic operating environment and ergonomics
  • Includes intelligent Traffic Models in driving scenes
  • Provides a variety of terrains and driving conditions
  • Allows creation of environmental conditions like rain, fog, snowfall and intensity of light
  • Modular training setup increases levels of difficulty for trainees
  • Training can be conducted at different stations with different exercises simultaneously
  • Training pace can be set to suit trainees
  • Record/playback facility can be used to detect errors of each trainee
  • System is capable of giving out progress reports of each trainee
  • Imparts safe driving techniques
  • Instructor Station is comprehensive and user friendly
  • Training can be conducted at multiple stations with different exercises simultaneously
  • Trainee can start the assigned exercises, view his own replays and instructor can assess the reports later


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