About the Project

SIS ATGM Simulator is a state-of-the-art indoor anti tank guided missile training simulator, designed and developed to meet the challenging requirement of ATGM operator. It trains recruit and hones to skills of trained operator in handling and firing missiles.

The ATGM simulator trains the operator in detecting, prioritizing, acquiring, tracking, and engaging the targets. The simulator has the actual control of missile launcher to enhance the training value.


  • Provide real capability to form and maintain the required level of combat operations skills for ATGM Operator
  • Develop skills of unit commanders to control over ATGM operator’s action in battle.
  • Effectively train ATGM operators and units for field firing, to conduct tactical drill & tactical training
  • Provide the required level of training standards of ATGM operators during entire training period
  • Realistic missile dynamics
  • Training scenarios according to operator skills
  • High quality of visualization
  • Actual Control
  • Realistic Re-coil and Sound
  • Night Scenarios
  • Multiple Scenarios
  • Indoor Training
  • Rugged, Safe Environment & Easy Setup
  • Weather Conditions – Sunny, rain & snow


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